Saving Lost Pets with the Help of Pet ID Tags

Saving Lost Pets with the Help of Pet ID Tags

The day you bring a pet home, your responsibility as a guardian begins. No matter how protective and careful you are with your pet, there are always chances of it being lost. A recent study conducted by National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) found out that only 2% of lost cats and 15% of lost dogs are re-united with their owners. This statistic is for the pets that do not have an ID tag, a microchip, or a collar. Let’s find out more about the importance of pet ID tags:

The Story of Willow, the Calico Cat

Have you heard about ‘Willow the cat’ who was reunited with its owners after five years? Willow is a calico cat who lived with a family in Colorado and got lost near the Rocky Mountains. The guardians of the pet had lost all hope when one day they received a call from Animal Care and Control who told them that their cat was found on a street of Manhattan. Willow was then re-united with her family after spending five years on the streets and ending up 1,800 miles away from her home.

Willow’s owners were able to meet their cat again only because it was micro-chipped. This real life story proves that microchips and pet identification tags are life savers. They increase the chances for pet owners to get reunited with their lost pets.

Pet ID Tags will Prevent Animal Shelters from Overloading

Police juror Scotty Robinson said that the dogs that are captured from streets are in perfect shape and less than 5% of them have an ID tag or a microchip on them. The pets that are unable to find their way back to home or escape or are lost have a very little chance to be found again. The people that find them are animal rescue workers or police that have no option but to send them to animal shelters. There are so many owners waiting for their pets to be found but they can’t really hope to be reunited with the pets that have no ID tags or collars or microchips on them.

Pets without ID Tags are in Danger

If your pet is lost and has an ID tag on it, then there is a high chance that someone who found it on the streets would look at its tag and return it to you or just give you a call. A study conducted by PAWS on lost animals revealed that almost 3,400 pets were brought to Ouachita Parish Shelter in the year 2014, out of which 2, 100 were euthanized. This is an alarming revelation which shows that out of those 3,400 pets brought to the shelter, there might be hundreds that were lost and had no ID tags on them. This means that the pets that had their families looking for them were either put to sleep, adopted by new families, or are simply living in a shelter.

If you don’t want your pet to end up like this, you need to consider putting an ID tag on it. You can also go for micro-chipping option, which is extremely useful for finding a lost pet. Show responsibility towards your pets and protect them as you protect your children. Get ID tags for your pets today and minimize the chances of them getting lost.

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