4 Shocking Summer Hazards Your Dog Should Look Out For

4 Shocking Summer Hazards Your Dog Should Look Out For

With summer just around the corner, and most of us ready to head out to the beach, lake, or just the pool area for some sun and BBQ fun. We have to take some time to consider and prepare for how Summer will affect our pooch. 
  1.  Heat Stroke

    When exposed to excessively high temperatures your dog can suffer heat stroke. This will cause your dog to go unconscious and possibly die. You should really avoid long walks when temperatures are too hot to bare (This varies depending on breed. Please research your breed for better assessment). Instead try walking them either very early in the morning or later on in the evening.
    Also leaving your dog unattended in a car with windows rolled up is a huge NO NO. People don't realize that in a hot day, a car can easily reach temperatures over 100°f in a matter of minutes. Check out this example of what your dog goes through when left in a hot car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBTGcWUf2ts 

  2. Dehydration

    This is something that dogs deal with year round, but it's extremely prevalent during summer as temperatures rise in an exaggerated amount. For starters dogs drink more water than usual during the summer, and sometimes people forget this. Gear up for summer and buy at least 2 more water bowls and leave them in areas where your dog frequents. Give him water at a slow pace and with electrolytes (Pedialyte is a safe option). This will let him regather fluids without throwing up.

  3. Hot surfaces

    This is something not a lot of people think of, but like you, dogs will burn their paws (feet) if walking bare on hot surfaces. Luckily there are many ways to avoid this. You can invest in a stroller, but If a stroller is too much for you then you can buy him booties for their paws (shoes for dogs) this will protect them when walking on hot surfaces. If you just don't want to invest then try your hardest to only walk him in grassy areas

  4. Sunburns

    Again, something many people do not consider when they think of dogs, but like you, dogs can get sun burnt, especially dogs with a white coat as they are more prone to sun burns. Go to a pet store and stock up on doggy sun screen if you're planning on sharing days in the sun with your pooch. Another way that a dog can get sun burnt is if you shave his coat. Please by no means shave your dogs coat. They need it for insulation and protection from the sun. They will shed accordingly during summer. This is a nice little feature on sunburns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liOjFqGEXLc 
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