Hipster Dog Collar (DIY)

Hipster Dog Collar (DIY)


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00:18 What do we need?
00:30 Measure the width of your dog's neck
00:42 Proceed to cut the collar
01:00 Envision the final product and then proceed to finish it.
01:18 Using thread and needle

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, this is the uPet Pack here, and here we go, one more time, another DIY. This time, the Hipster Dog Collar. This is an excellent, easy to do, dog collar that's going to give your dog that extra sense of style. Let's get to work.

What are we going to need? Simple. We're going to need a collared shirt, can be used or new. We're going to need some buttons. We want to have some regular ones, and we want to have some wacky ones, that kind of give it some style. We're going to need some scissors, and some thread and needle.

The first step is to measure the width of your dog's neck, because we're also going to be measuring the length of the top hole and the top button on the shirt. We want the collar to fit him snug and comfortable.

Once we've measured it and everything is alright, then we have to go ahead and proceed to cut the collar. Just the top part because we don't really need the rest of the shirt. Don't throw it away because it might be useful for the future DIY.

Now this next step is optional, but it's a good way to determine exactly how you want your collar to look. Just lay the collar flat and start putting the buttons exactly where you want them, or not exactly, but kind of where you want them to be. This way you can envision the final product and then proceed to finish it.

The next part is the tricky but not impossible part. We're going to have to take the thread and needle, and start threading the buttons on to the shirt. If you're not sure how to use a thread and needle, there's always the Momma and Poppa of the pack, i.e. Mom and Dad. If they're not available, then you can find dozens, no, thousands of tutorials on YouTube on how to use a thread and needle.

That is it for this tutorial guys. Hopefully you enjoyed it. There are tons of ways of decorating this specific collar. Go out there and have a blast. From everybody here at the uPet family, Happy Holidays.


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