Dog Tags 101: 4 Things Your Dog Tag Must Have!

Dog Tags 101: 4 Things Your Dog Tag Must Have!

A dog ID tag is the first line of defense your dog has if he gets lost, and in order for the tag to work it must have the necessary info on it. The ASPCA indicates that a lost dog sporting a dog tag has a 50-60% better chance at being found, but that many times the dog isn't returned because the owner can't be found due to incorrect info. 

What Info Should Appear on My Pet's ID Tags?

  1. Pooch Name: The reason you should include your dog's name in the tag, is because, in the event your dog is found by a good samaritan, it'll be easier to get his attention and hopefully catch him so he can be returned to you. Even though some dog's respond to whistling, finger snapping and other noises. Your dog will feel more comfortable if someone calls him by his\her name. Some dog's get anxious and it's a good way to calm them down till they are returned to you.
  2. Phone Number: Probably the most important bit of info on the entire tag is your phone number. Preferably a cel phone, and the reason it should be a cel phone is because if you have a house phone on the tag, and you are away from home then if the person attempts to contact you, you might miss the call. We always want to retrieve our fur babies as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary stress and dangerous situations. A cel phone is readily available at all times and in case of an emergency that should be the primary point of contact.
  3. Alert Message: Many people don't understand how important it is to have a dog tag that alerts others that your dog is lost (i.e "If I'm Out I'm Lost", "Oh Cr*p I'm Lost", "Oh No I'm Lost Call Mom", etc) by having a dog tag with an alert message you're actually giving your dog a voice. Sometimes people see dogs in the park and even though they have a dog tag with name and number people brush it off as the dog owner being nearby. The message on the tag eliminates that possibility and is an excellent way of getting your dog the attention it needs if lost.
  4. Alternate Point Of Contact: If for some crazy reason your cel phone is off, or you lost it, or it fell into water and you damaged it. It is extremely important to have other means of communication with you and the finder. Your address, your email or another phone number is an excellent way of giving an extra level of protection to your pooch. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Murphy's law exists for a reason. 

So keep your dog safe, and make sure the tools you give him are setup correctly.... :)


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