Dog Tags With Map Locator?!

Dog Tags With Map Locator?!

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Video Highlights: 

00:30 Types of uPet Tags.
00:40 Customize your own dog tag.
00:50 Gohan's Dog Tag.
01:00 Superpowers explained. 
01:20 Activating a uPet tag.
01:50 Scanning a Dog Tag.
02:35 Notifications with your dog's location.
03:00 Dog Tag Silencer.

Video Transcript:

Today we have a cool review video for you guys. These right here are dog tags with super powers. We will be reviewing these for you guys because these are great and allow you to get more information and know where your dog is if lost. Shout outs to uPet for these.

These uPet tags to start off are very unique. They have many types of tags, like funny tags, sport tags, et cetera, or you could even customize your own, like I did with this one that I'm about to show you. Can I see your tag? I absolutely love it. This one's Gohan's art and it came out great. Now for the most important part. Each tag has a QR code, so when scanned, information on your dog will pop up, so you will know exactly where your dog is if lost. They even have an amber alert, which I thought was a great idea, which basically means you report your pet as lost and they will help you find it.

Now I will be activating one of them for you guys to see how easy it is. All you need is just a quick account using valid email and a password. The website is When you're logged in, you just got to click on activate tag. I can't show you my code because it is a unique code, but I will be entering it now. That is that. You can now write your dog's information. Now, whoever scans it will see this. If the dog has allergies or anything like that, they will know, which I thought was a really good idea as well.

Now, just to show you guys, I will be scanning it quick so you guys can see what it looks like. It scans and it goes directly to my dog's profile. See? Gohan's profile. I posted a picture, by the way. Over here we have vaccines. I haven't written that yet, but I did write his date of birth, the city, Miami, and down below in notes, I wrote our address, just to have it. I thought that was pretty cool because it shows everything. Now, the great part is that you get notified that I got scanned.

Just to show you quick on our email, we get a notification saying GPS location of Gohan, today at 3:03. It's 3:04, so you can see. Bam. It shows you exactly where he is on the map, which is great. They even send you another notification saying Gohan's profile has been viewed.

These also come with a tag silencer which glow in the dark and protect the engraving. That is it guys. These are the tags with super powers. Very, very unique and cool. Again, shout out to uPet co for sending us some and letting us review it for you guys. Honestly guys, these are a must have because you will always want to make sure you are a scan away from knowing where your dog is. That is amazing. Down below in the description, I will have a link to their website, so you can check them out and let me know what you guys think about these. Thanks for watching and have a great day. Say bye, buddy. He's so tired. You sleepy, buddy? You sleepy? Sleepyhead. Sleepyhead.

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