Friendship Paracord Dog Collar + Paracord Bracelet

Friendship Paracord Dog Collar + Paracord Bracelet


Video Highlights: 

00:16 What do we need?.
00:30 Dog neck measurements.
00:58 Moving on the the buckle.
01:25 Cross every string around the main middle string.
02:40 Using a lighter to seal off the end of the strings. 
03:00 D-ring
03:25 Bracelet

Video Transcript:

What's up uPet family? We're back. Today, we have an awesome DIY for you guys. We're going to be doing matching friendship bracelets and collars. What do we need to get started? We're going to need some string, either colored or uniform, it's completely up to you. We went for different colors in this DIY but a solid colored collar is just as cool. We're also going to need a plastic buckle, some D-rings and for your bracelet we're going to need a ring and a latch.

The first thing we're going to do is take our dog's neck measurements then we're going fold the string according to those measurements and add half of the measurement for knitting and comfort, for example if your dog's neck measures 12, then you probably want to leave the measurement as 18. If your dog measures 10 then probably 15 but the general rule of thumb is you always want to leave half extra.

Now, we move on the the buckle and all we're going to do is put each string through the buckle so it can end up evenly on each side. After this we're going to insert a single string through the middle of all these other strings. The next step is to simply cross every string around the main middle string. Once we've done this we're going to start inserting each end and repeat the process until we go all the way down and we finish the knitting of the collar. Just a quick tip, try to make every knot as tight as possible because the tighter it is, the steadier it's going to be and it's going to look way more professional.

We're finally done with all the twists and turns, right? Well not quite yet. What we're going to do is get the remaining pieces of string put it into the other side of the buckle and then just start tying it down with regular knots. We're at the end of the collar and all we have to do is grab the main middle string, do two basic knots just to finish off and secure the collar. We're going to utilize some scissors to cut off all the excess string. For the next part we're going to strongly encouraging caution because we're going to be using a lighter to seal off the end of the strings to give it that last final professional sleek look.

Look at this thing. It looks amazing, doesn't it? Please very careful with the lighter. We're done with the collar but we do need a D-ring because you always want to have a dog tag on your collar because just in case your pup gets lost, you're always going to be able to find him. We're going to use some pliers to open up that D-ring, insert it somewhere in the collar and then use the pliers again to close down that D-ring. Then use your fingers to turn that D-ring around and there you go, it's ready for a dog tag and it's ready for your dog to spot it.

Wait a second, this wasn't just for your pouch. Now, we're going to move into your bracelet. This is way easier. All you want to do is make the loop with the main middle string and then just do the same thing that you did for the dog collar but in a smaller scale so instead of using like five or seven strings you're just going to use maybe three, possibly four but we use three for this version. Remember, try to keep it as tight as possible and at the end when you have to use the lighter, remember to exercise caution. We can't stress that enough. We reached the end but we don't have to deal with any buckles or any more nuts all we have to use is this small ring. We're going to go ahead and open it with pliers and insert it at the end of the bracelet. Then we're going to insert the little clip, close the ring and then just attach it to the other end which should be the little loop and there you go. Friendship bracelet, simple, right?

Now the best part, you and your pouch matching best friends, you know that's what you are. If you enjoyed this DIY, make sure to check out the rest of our content. We have other collar DIYs, we have some doggy recipes, we have a review and we got some more informative videos coming. 

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