[REVIEW] Dog Tags With Superpowers

[REVIEW] Dog Tags With Superpowers

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00:25 What is in the box.
01:22 What the silencer looks like.
02:08 Banana's profile.
02:45 How to make a custom dog tag.

Video Transcript:

Welcome back to Creative Pet Keeping. Today we are going to be reviewing some new dog tags that we got to try for Banana. These are tags from the company ... Whoa, shiny. So shiny ... Known as uPet and they're called Tags With Superpowers.

This is how it comes out. You also get a little key ring, but I put that on table, so I don't forget about it and the dogs don't eat it by accident. When you look at the back you get a special QR code, which you can scan with your phone or you can go to the website, as you can see down here and put in the code manually. What this will do is show all the information of your pet when someone scans it and if someone scans it, it will also give you an alert, so you'll know someone scanned your pet and you'll know the location of where it was scanned. Which is pretty ... Do you want to do this by yourself, Banana? Do you want to unbox? Banana's so good unbox, he's like, "I got this."

This kind of what it looks like. I actually took one of the tags out. This is the Youtube one I made, because I thought it would be kind of for Banana to wear and it says, "YouTube Dog". This is what the silencer looks like. YouTube Dog and then on the back you see the QR code and it's kind of what it looks like.

When someone finds your pet they can look at the ... They can just scan the QR code or they can put in www.upet.com/id/ and they'll put in your special code. Or they can get a QR scanner as their app. QR scanners are free for different mobile devices, both Android and iPhones. See, there we go. I found it. It's going to go right to the website and it goes to Banana's profile. Now, it wants to have the GPS turned on, because what that will do is it will send the location to my phone that Banana's tag was scanned. Here's the information, the vaccine information as well and in this area is would be where the address, but all I have is Chicago right here so you guys don't know where I live. But yeah, this is all the information, also the notes for people so they can know all about Banana and return her home if you're ever lost somewhere.

If you go to the upet.co site and go to create your own tags, you will get to see a tag creator load and this is your template for your tag. Now, you can pick colors and images and text. These are the images that they provide you with that you can select. You can also upload your own images or you can use Instagram, you can connect your own Instagram and use your very own images directly onto your tags, which I think is kind of cool.

First I'm going to start off with picking a color. Now, there are pretty good amount of colors to choose from, but I'm going to go with pink. Then, we add text. Gonna say, "Hi, I'm" and very add that, so that'll be at the top. Then I'm going to add "Banana." Circular text just means it's going to be round. I have that as separate and you can go to edit and move it over and resize the individual text that you would want. You can also change the colors, so in this case I ended up making it yellow for Banana yellow and then I resized "Hi I'm" to be a little bit bigger as well. This is so far what it looks. Now, there are a variety of different fonts to choose from, so you can definitely pick whichever you prefer.

Then I'm going to look at the different images that they provide you with. They come in black or white, so it depends on which looks better. Preferably white on darker colors and black on ... Whoa, whoa. What happened? Oh, there we go, it's back. It was just loading. Oh yeah, but black on lighter colors. First I wanted to see how the ball looks like and it's cute because Banana's favorite thing in the world is to fetch, but I don't want to pick that one, so let's look at some other images. What about a heart because Banana loves everybody? I don't know. No. How about ... No, that's the wrong one. A paw print. There we go. Yep, I think that is really, really cute.

That's it. These are uPet dog tags. I would want to put one more suggestion. When you do make your tag, please include your phone number. That's a good recommendation because you may encounter somebody that may find your dog that either does not have a smart phone or their not tech-savvy. That might see this and even though there's instructions all around, they might not know what to do with this. Having a back-up by including your phone number in the front I think is a good idea, just in case someone doesn't know. That will ensure that they can contact. That is how this works and how these tags function. I hope that you enjoyed this review. I think that these are pretty cool. I like that they offer custom made ones and they also made pre-made, so you don't have to make a custom if you don't want to.

I think they're fun. I always wanted cool personalized dog tags and I will clip each of these to all of Banana's collars, because she has a couple collars. I think she will definitely enjoy this, especially my Valor Pokemon team that we hang out with might definitely enjoy the Pokeball one. Let me know in the comments below what you think of these collars and let me know which one is your favorite. Do you like the YouTube dog? Do you like the Pokemon throw the ball? Or do you like the Hi, I'm Banana one? I wonder which one you thought was the cutest. I hope that you have an awesome. Be sure to subscribe to Creative Pet Keeping and give this video thumbs up. Bye guys.

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