The Best Dog Loss Prevention System!

The Best Dog Loss Prevention System!

There is no definitive answer for best way of keeping your dog safe from getting lost. The best option is simply is to apply fail safes to aid you in dog loss prevention. Like redundancy in engineering.  

In engineering, redundancy means to duplicate systems so in case one fails the other is there to pick up the slack. Like a plane that has 4 turbines. If 1 fails the other 3 pick up the slack and gets you home safely. The same could be said for dog ID tools. By using a combination of more than 1, you are ensuring your pooch has a better chance of being returned to your loving arms.

We've gone ahead and compiled a list for great combinations of dog loss prevention tools.

1- Basic ID Combo (Dog Tag + Microchip):
The 2 simplest form of dog loss prevention are the dog ID tag and the microchip. The tag is readily visible and is the first thing people look at and if the dog tag is missing then the Microchip is there to pick up the slack.

2- Extra Care Combo (Dog Tag + Embroidered Collar + Microchip):
Having the ID tag, the microchip and the embroidered dog collar gives you a bit more protection. If the ID fails then the collar is there to back your dog up, and if by some rare case he is missing both collar and ID tag then the microchip will always be there to help him be returned.

3- Ultimate Care Combo (Dog Tag + Embroidered Collar + GPS + Microchip):
Having all 4 may seem a little overboard, but adding the GPS to the other 3 tools means you've pretty much done everything you can to help prevent your dog from getting lost. The GPS adds the benefit of you knowing exactly where your dog is at. If it runs out of battery or loses signal then your other fail safes should kick in to help your pooch get back home.

If you'd like to know more about each tool then check out our article about pros and cons of each dog prevention tool here.
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