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Superpowered pet ID system

Every ID your pet needs linked to their whole pack
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Any uPet ID gives you

Unlimited contact details

uPet lets you add vets, breeders, friends and family to your pet’s profile!

Instant found location alert

Notifications are sent immediately to all linked emergency contacts numbers if someone finds your pet.

24/7 found pet hotline

A real human helper to speak to if no one answers when someone finds your pet.

Amber Alert

Alert your neighborhood and surrounding shelters at the click of a button if you loose your pet.

Lost Posters

Pet parents can instantly create lost posters to print and share on social media.

Peace of mind

If your pet goes missing, they have the right protection to get them home fast.

uPet pet’s loss protection

Multiple IDs working together to protect your pets. Each uPet ID adds another layer of protection. Every layer added is a safer pet.

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